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Montres Bleues

Montres Bleues

Le bleu est une couleur de mode polyvalente. Que diriez-vous d'une montre classique en argent avec un cadran bleu royal ou d'une montre tendance en or rose avec un bracelet en cuir bleu ? Sur cette page, vous trouverez une large gamme de montres femme, de montres homme et de montres enfants avec un bracelet, un boitier ou un cadran bleu. Pas besoin de se sentir bleu avec ces belles montres bleues !

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The colour blue

Blue is a fresh colour that is associated with the sky and water. It is also a colour that is often used in professional clothing and uniforms. Think for example of the police and the navy. Often, overalls are also coloured blue. Blue is also seen as a royal color and is the naming colour to the porcelain from the city of Delft; Delft blue.

The best-known color blue: denim!

The best-known colour blue that can be seen everywhere in the streets is denim, also called blue jeans.

No wonder many watch brands have watches with denim straps such as Guess. A brand that is not entirely coincidental a jeans brand of origin. You can wear blue watches very well with jeans.

Brands and blue watches

Brands with many blue watches in the collection are Ice-Watch that offer both bright blue and soft blue plastic and silicone watches. Tommy Hilfiger integrates a lot of nautical influences in the designs and so navy blue is very common in their collection. But also a more luxurious brand like Meistersinger often uses the color blue in stunning dials.

On this page you can view all blue watches from our range. You can sort by price, but also search for your favourite brand.

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