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Montres Jaunes

Montres jaunes

Jaune brille avec optimisme, éclaircissant, et le bonheur. Sur cette page, vous trouverez une large gamme de montres pour femme, de montres homme et de montres enfants avec un bracelet, un boitier ou un cadran jaune. Une belle addition à votre collection de montres !

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The color yellow

The color (yellow) ochre is one of the oldest pigments and already occurs in pre-historic cave drawings and Egyptian tombs. It is an optimistic, cheerful color that is common in flowers, plants and fruit. It is also a color that is associated with wealth. But in Buddhist cultures, (saffron) yellow is often the color of the monks' robes. And in China, yellow is the color of the emperor.

Brands Yellow watches

We offer a diverse range of yellow watches in our webshop. For example Timex sports watches and cheerful Swatch watches.

Practical application of the color yellow

Because yellow is a signal color, it is often used as a warning, for example in road signs or ambulances. Yellow is also often applied to the dials of diving watches.

On this page you find all yellow watches from our range. You can sort by price, but also search for your favorite brand. Or view other colors such as blue or orange.

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